I'm going to be real with you guys straight from the get go: I have not idea how to start this off without sounding like some type of formal meeting, which I don't want this to be. I want every viewer of this blog, everyone who comes to this site to be treated as if they are a close friend, or dare I even say a family member. 

But, I'm going to stop the sap right there, at least for now. You're probably wondering, "Who is this guy?" or "What is this even supposed to be about?" and in short, I'm a lost student who wants to share the cultures of the world. I want to give people resources to use for when they travel to foreign countries, because you can't act like you do in America all the time. I want to share with people my own travel experiences and give tips and tricks that you can do. 

"Can't I just google this stuff on my own?", you might ask. And yeah sure you can, but it might be bits and pieces scattered throughout the vast sea we call the internet and well to be frank some it can be misleading. To give a personal example, after I blindly bought my plan ticket to Japan last October (which I'm lucky didn't pan out be a horrible decision), I researched the airline and seventy percent of the reviews were horrible! Completely shitting on the airline. And, to be honest it wasn't a bad flight at all. It wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, but hey you shouldn't have your expectations too high when your round trip halfway across the globe is only around $600. So I want to provide you with honest, truthful information. Plus I'll try to post every day. Why? Because I'm one of those strange people who like to do this for fun.

As this is just starting up, so it will be rocky. Like a road that's more potholes than road rocky. And that is where you come in. Give ideas and feedback and topics that you want to read about, that you want to see. you can either do it here on the YouTubes (whenever I can get a not garbage camera to get that up and running), via email, via Facebook, you get the point. You're the one drudging through my poor penmanship so it should at least be something your interested in. 

Now with knowing the purpose of this page, blog, place, dungeon, whatever you want to call it I want to tell you a little about myself. I'm Shane, I'm a 20-almost-21 year old student, who geeks out over everything foreign culture related. Don't get me wrong, I love America and America has a distinct culture of it's own, but let's be real it can be somewhat boring. Or maybe that only comes from the mundane life of the Rust Belt. Regardless, you can only take so much of one thing before it becomes just meh. I mean think of eating only Mac-n-Cheese for a year straight. You might've been the biggest fan of the cheese before, but at some point it will lose its golden, cheddary appeal. The same goes with culture. If you switch up the pallets you'll experience the euphoria, the excitement, and the shock associated with unknown lands. So join me, and become and indigenous vagabond. 


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