Taqueria la Autentica Michoacana, Toledo's Most Underrated Mexican Restaurant

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Sign as seen from North Byrne

For the last couple of Mondays, I've been having lunch at a small Mexican restaurant on the corner of Hill and North Byrne. Why? It started because it was close by and happened to be Mexican. But after my first time, I was hooked. Today, I'm going to go through and review my lunch I had today.

Walking In:
Unlike other places, there are no hosts or hostesses here. You walk in and seat yourself at any of the available seating. Personally, I like this style. Especially when it isn't busy. Also, I know that this is one way to avoid restaurant drama (as I've learned from my mother, a server of 10+ years). But, at the same time, I could see how this could cause issues when things start to get busy.

Right away after you sit, one of the waitresses will come over to your table with a basket of chips and salsa and ask what you would like to drink. I think this speed and responsiveness is incredible. I've been at restaurants where you have to wait 10-15mins before even ordering your drinks, then wait even longer to actually get them. Here, they bring them out as soon as you sit on that seat. You do have a slight delay in knowing what you want, as the menus are not readily available at the table. Personally, I always go with the mango Jarritos (bless their creator). After that, you can take your time ordering by calling the server over, though they do check in often.

Chips and Salsa:
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Their unique salsa
A staple of any Mexican restaurant, at least those in northern Ohio, they do provide complimentary chips and salsa. Where Taqueria la Autentica differs though is the salsa they give you. It's not a chunky salsa, where you can see the individual parts, it's a smooth one. The color is also not the vibrant red that most people think of when they think salsa, it's orangish and you need significantly less on the chip to get the full taste. Speaking of taste, it packs a punch in terms of spiciness and flavor. If you are sensitive to spice, you may find it a bit over-bearing. As someone who can sort of hold their spice, I enjoy it. Mainly because it's not bland, and unique than any other Mexican restaurant I've gone too.

The real reason why we keep going back time and time again to different restaurants: the food. I've been here three times and ordered three different items: the torta, the tamales, and the tacos. I have to say, I've pleasantly enjoyed all three. The torta, with beef, had very juicy meat. Served on a bun freshly baked. The only topping that was extremely eye-opening was the guacamole, which was freshly made that day (or at least tasted like it). Moving onto the tamales, they were exquisite. Cooked to perfection, with a pork filling, the dough did sit too heavy but was also not airy. It was thick, but not too thick. Served with rice and refried beans, and various vegetable topping (they do not hold back), it all just congregated to be by far my favorite dish yet. They tasted as if they were homemade, and not made for mass eating. They make them as they should, and you can taste that difference. Finally, the tacos were superb. Filled to the brim in the flour tortilla, you are definitely getting your bang for your buck. I had them with the carnitas as my meat, but I'm sure they would be great with any. Note that I did get the Tacos Especial, so the regular tacos don't come with as much. Oh, also did I mention how fast these come out? You get your food snappy fast. I spend about roughly 40 minutes from coming in, eating, and leaving in total, and that's with me taking my time eating. Alongside every dish, your table is also brought their red and green sauce to add onto if you would like. They are both very good and would recommend trying them before adding them.
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Taco Especial with 3/4th drank manjo Jarrito and Verde sauce

The part we all dread, actually having to pay for the meal. You could have your check brought out to you or you could go up to the desk to receive it. Either way, you will be going to the desk to pay for your meal. Prices are generally on the lower end, with two of my lunches being under $10, with getting the Jarritos which are a bit more expensive. The tamales were the most expensive meal I've had, but the portions made the pay worthwhile.

Overall, I would give Taqueria la Autentica a 9/10. Superb service, great food, just wish the menus were at the table ready to go once you sit down. If you're in the Toledo area, definitely stop by.

Take out is available, just call ahead of time.

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location: 3439 Hill Avenue Toledo, OH
Phone number: 419-214-1305 | 567-868-7293

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