About Me

Hi folks!

My name is Shane and I'm a current student at the University of Toledo. I have a burning passion for being on the move and interacting with new people and sharing new experiences.

My focus here on this blog revolves mainly around Japan and wherever I'm currently located, to give you honest feedback, insight, and tips to try to not seem like the generic tourist. These involve culture tips, off the beaten path places, reviews, and much more.

I travel on my own budgets and accords, so I tend to try to find the most bang for the buck, which I want to share with you. I am trying to establish a schedule where I can provide content for you all as often as possible, while not allowing the content to lack the quality that it needs.

I have been to three different countries, and a multitude of states. Though, every place I feel obligated to go back for more. I am proficient in Japanese, German, and English so, if you have any questions please let me know! You can contact me through my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram!

Safe travels,

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