Possibly the Best Phone Case?

Recently, I decided to purchase a new phone case, part out of necessity and part out of wanting to really brand myself as an individual.

But I wasn't going to buy just any old phone case. No, it had to speak to me.

Then while browsing though Instagram, it hit me: Keyway Designs.

Based out of Canada, this company make some of the most aesthetically pleasing phone cases out there. Not only that, but they are durable as well. Personally, I'm a bit of a klutz, dropping and tripping everywhere. In the short duration I have had my case, I've put it to the test with countless falls to concrete, carpet, hardwood, even off of a ladder! But throughout that, my phone has stayed in tact.

But what about the decals? They stayed in tact to. I bought the Atlas model, and no damage was done what so ever.

Their also fairly cost affordable. Most being at the price of $30 USD, with the more intricate designs reaching up to $60 USD. If you can, treat yourself with one of these fantastic cases.

Note: I am not sponsored for this post, I'm just a very satisfied customer who wants to see the company prosper.


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