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Mori Tower - One of Tokyo's Best

In March of 2018, I visited Tokyo for my second time. During the week, me and my friends ventured through the shops of Akihabara, the streets of Asakusa, and bars of Shinjuku. On our final full day, we each decided to explore a spot of Tokyo by ourselves - no one holding us back. Now, I had been to Roppongi before. In fact, one of my favorite bars in all of Tokyo is located there. But I was the middle of the day. Why was I here? To see Mori Tower. During my first trip in Tokyo, I had walked past the building many times. I thought it was just another office complex. But upon watching a video by Paolo from TOKYO titled " Top 10 Things to DO in ROPPONGI " I learned the tower had a bit more to offer. I'm a sucker for city views. The first thing, if possible, I try to do when I visit places is try to get atop a tower to really take in the area as a whole. And I found that with the Mori Tower. Sure, you can get other views of Tokyo from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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