Toledo, Ohio: My 'Current' Home

Okay, let me clear up the reason why I put current in quotation marks. As I am writing this article I live in and go to school in Toledo. Looking forward, I am almost 90% sure that I will not be living here in about two years as I am set to graduate in 2019.

Regardless, why am I making an article on Toledo? Some of you might be saying "Who in the right mind would want to go to Toledo, Ohio, for a vacation". And I agree with you to a degree. The city isn't the best, it suffers from the "Rust Belt Syndrome" where almost everywhere in the rust belt has a shrinking population, and almost optimizing urban decay. However, you do have to realize that part is very attractive to others. Now do I think there is enough to do in Toledo to last you a week? Hell no. It's a mainly industrial city, not built around tourism (as a local nut-job who continues to run for mayor every election thinks so). Toledo would make a great one to two day stop while your trekking across the country. I would definitely give it a stop, it really would humble you or depending where your coming from might even be a step up.

So what exactly is there to do in Toledo?

While there isn't much to do, there is still enough to keep you busy. Obviously this all depends on the time of year you're stopping through. If you coming through the months of April to September you can always stop downtown to see the Toledo Mud Hens at 5/3rd Field. Located in the heart of downtown you'll be sure to find some delicious food, watch some good AAA baseball and have a good time. If the game is in the evening you could go straight from the game to one of the many local bars downtown. They serve up some of the best craft brews and spirits and never lack a good time.

But what is there isn't a one when your there? No problem! Toledo is home to one of the nations best zoos. If your like me and love animals, you'll fall in love with the Toledo Zoo. The best time to go is either during the summer months or around Christmas time. They put on a light display that is absolutely fantastic. Coming out of the zoo, as like most it does close at 5:00 P.M., you can grab some food downtown. Some of my favorite resturants are Kyoto Ka, Adam's Street Cafe, Table Fourty4, Tony Packo's, and The Durty Burd. Some of the best resturant's are little ways away up towards Sylvania by the Franklin Park Mall and the University, so don't just limit yourself to those! After your dinner you could easily go to the Toledo Museum of Art, it's free and the artwork is gorgeous.

During the winter months, you could also catch the famous Toledo Walleye in action. They are a grade A hockey team, so if you're a fan of hockey definitely check a game out. They're fun, loud, and just a good place to let loose a little. Again this is located downtown. Also during the Fall, you should make your way to the University, as they are a Division I college football team. It's a fun, but beware that it is a college, so maybe not if your bringing along some kiddies. The tickets aren't pricey by any means. It's about $20 and the seating is (generally) not enforced. Walking around the university is also a a must do. It is listed as one of the best landscaped universities, and for good reason. The grounds keepers really do make sure it up to par and the style of the buildings are generally follow the same exterior so it gives a nice pleasant touch to the eyes. The pinnacle is the bell tower. Gorgeous, regal, I mean it's almost breath taking. And if you know any University of Toledo students, you're sure to have seen/will see this a total of about 10 or more times during the fall semester. I guarantee it. 

Those are my recommendations. I wouldn't treat Toledo as just another "by-pass town" as there is plenty to see and do. Do be wary of where you go, if it feels sketchy it probably is sketchy. And for all you single lads out there, don't blow you money on the strip clubs. If you want a good one go about another two hours to Windsor, Canada. 

Safe Travels, and Go Rockets.


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