Mori Tower - One of Tokyo's Best

In March of 2018, I visited Tokyo for my second time. During the week, me and my friends ventured through the shops of Akihabara, the streets of Asakusa, and bars of Shinjuku. On our final full day, we each decided to explore a spot of Tokyo by ourselves - no one holding us back.

Now, I had been to Roppongi before. In fact, one of my favorite bars in all of Tokyo is located there. But I was the middle of the day. Why was I here? To see Mori Tower. During my first trip in Tokyo, I had walked past the building many times. I thought it was just another office complex. But upon watching a video by Paolo from TOKYO titled "Top 10 Things to DO in ROPPONGI" I learned the tower had a bit more to offer.

I'm a sucker for city views. The first thing, if possible, I try to do when I visit places is try to get atop a tower to really take in the area as a whole. And I found that with the Mori Tower. Sure, you can get other views of Tokyo from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the Tokyo Tower, or the Skytree, but you really don't get the experience like you do atop the Mori Tower. Named "The Sky Deck" you are open air more than 54 floors in the air. The city stretches as far as the eye can see. No wonder this place is named as one of Tokyo's most romantic spot. But seeing it in the day truly doesn't do it justice. A few floors down, I was able to get a glimpse of what it would be like as they had a corridor which you could walk out and just lookout over the city.



Is this free though? No, it costs an additional 500 yen. The price of your ticket to the tower in general does vary. Mine ended up being 1200 because I was a student. But that combined 1700 yen is well worth it in the view alone. Luckily, the view isn't the only thing here! They also host an amazing art museum. Filled with works of modern art, some often mind-blowing, it is sure to keep you wandering around. The path is, for the most part, linear in how you see exhibits. Note that these photos taken were taken on March 10th, 2018, you may not see the same exhibits when you visit.

Illuminated boat, but there's no water!
All these countries are made from trapping smoke in many panels of glass

Trippy illusions. Have you seen any of these before?

A look into every day lives


An artist's sketches and final piece

Omg, they're huge

After visiting Mori Tower, I was well taken back by the beauty the building itself had to offer. But not only were the visuals there amazing, you also got a general aura of peace and calmness from the observation deck that really is unmatched. During the walk around the deck, I saw an older woman with a photo of an older man. The lights were dimmed. I presumed the man in the photo was her husband, who had since passed away. The way she was gazing out of the window told me that this place was special to her. Special to them.

The tower in and of itself is a marvelous piece of architecture. But what I think makes it even more impressive is what I means to couples. I definitely did feel slightly out of place being there alone at first, but then warmed up to the thought that I wasn't there alone. I was there with myself. Walking out, I knew that once I had found the woman in my life who I want spend eternity with, I would let her know there. 

The famous spider


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